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University SCO

University SCO
University The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation 
SCO University operates as a network of existing universities in member states of SCO:
and observer countries: India, Iran, Mongolia, Pakistan.
Preparation of highly qualified personnel within the SCO University carried out on priority areas of cultural, scientific, educational and economic cooperation among member states of the Organization: regional studies, ecology, energy, IT-technology, Nanotechnology.
Ams and objectives
The university should function as a network of already existing universities in the SCO member states, as well as observer countries (Mongolia, India, Iran, Pakistan). The training of highly qualified personnel within the framework of the SCO University should be carried out in priority areas of cultural, scientific, educational and economic cooperation of the member countries of the Organization (energy, ecology, engineering, metallurgy, materials science, construction, transport, fuel and energy, history, linguistics, IT) .

The goals of the establishment of the SCO University are defined within the framework of the SCO by multilateral normative and legal acts adopted by the SCO member states and consist of:

strengthening of mutual trust and good-neighborly relations between the SCO member countries;
development of integration processes in the field of education, science and technology;
giving a new impetus to the expansion of multilateral educational, scientific and cultural cooperation;
expansion of opportunities for young people to receive a quality modern education, and for teachers and scientists - to develop scientific contacts;
promoting effective cooperation of the participating countries of the Organization in the political, trade-economic, scientific, technical and cultural fields.
At the moment, the creation of a full-scale SCO University seems premature for a number of reasons:

the lack of a regulatory framework for mutual recognition of joint diplomas by all SCO member states;
partial discrepancy of the educational standards of the SCO member states;
the lack of high-bandwidth Internet links, which makes it difficult to fully use modern electronic learning environments, multimedia and telecommunications technologies;
the complexity of harmonizing the forms and mechanisms of co-financing in accordance with the norms of decision-making in the SCO.
In this regard, the priority measures for the establishment of the SCO University should be aimed at solving the following basic and additional tasks:

Main goals:

expansion of the exchange of students, students, graduate students, doctoral students and scientific and pedagogical workers;
increase in scientific and academic cooperation;
introduction of modern educational methods and technologies;
creation of mechanisms for recognition and equivalence of documents on the formation of the SCO University by the SCO member states and the world educational community.
Additional tasks:

Examination and development of recommendations in specific areas of cooperation of the SCO;
training of personnel for the SCO structures and organizations affiliated with it;
the creation of a network of linguistic (Russian and Chinese) and regional studies courses.
Interaction between the participating states in the establishment and functioning of the SCO University is at the level of the educational authorities of the countries with the involvement of the leading educational institutions.
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