We are sending students to the Eurasian National University

2021-12-09 13:53:38 27

Eurasian National University has started accepting students and undergraduates for the spring semester offline. This university has the following areas: Mathematics (education) Physics Mathematics (natural sciences) Physics Mathematical and computer modeling Computer Science (education) Computer Science (natural sciences) Physics Automation and control Information systems Computer technology and software Chemistry (natural sciences) Chemistry Biology (natural sciences) Ecology Biography Geography (natural sciences) Design (5 years of training) Russian language and literature Foreign language: two foreign languages (English) Foreign language: two foreign languages (German) German Translation business Foreign Philology: (Chinese) International relations Oriental studies Turkology Foreign philology: Turkish (with knowledge of English) Regional studies Jurisprudence World History International law Economy Management Accounting and auditing Finance State and local government Tourism Physical education and sports World History Religious studies World History Sociology World History Psychology Biography Social work Geography World History Publishing Literature Political Science World History Journalism Public relations Geography History (humanities) World History Archaeology and Ethnology World History The reception will last until December 14. The number of seats provided is 60. Students of the 2nd-3rd year and students of the 1st year of the Masters degree can take part. Tuition and accommodation are free. In dormitory has all the amenities. The rest of the expenses are out of the students own pockets. Note: Those who want to live in a dormitory must definitely get the vaccine. Our address: former Kyrgyz-European Faculty, room 203. Landmark: the main building. Contact phone numbers: 03222 7-09-97. Email address: oshsu.oms@gmail.com Those who wish to participate in academic mobility can make an appointment with faculty coordinators for international relations. Share the information.