International centers

       American Center is the center of American culture, which offers information about not only the political, social and cultural life of America, but also satisfies the linguistic and educational needs of users. The American Center offers talking clubs, discussions, thematic exhibitions, various holidays, competitions, master classes, video films and work-shops. The Information Center also provides information on the formation of the United States. Students and students can prepare for various international exams (TOEFL, GMAT) and get information about exchange training programs sponsored by the US Department of Education. The center aims to popularize literature on the history, culture, traditions and customs of the United States. The American Center also offers video and games in English.

The American Center offers the following services:

  • obtaining of necessary and interesting information for scientific research work and teaching English
  • advising users about US educational programs and cultural exchange programs
  • Book resources of the American Center

The working hours of the AC are from 8:00 to 17:00 Monday-Friday, from 9:00 to 14:00 on Saturday.

Closed: Sunday and public holidays

PS: Any additional changes in the plan will be notified in advance.

"Center for Peace Studies at Osh State University"

     The center was established at the initiative of Social Fond "Peaceful Development in the Fergana Valley" and Osh State University, with the financial support of the Peace and Development Programme UNDP. It is well known that the Fergana Valley, a territory, which presents problems in concentrated form and are woven into a complex tangle of contradictions (the problem of borders, poverty, lack of fertile land and water resources, unemployment, ethnic tensions, and so on. D.). These challenges and threats have the potential to implement, so the need for a deeper study and reflection, without which it is not possible to develop preventive and effective interventions. There is a chance projection of any domestic conflicts on interethnic relations in the region. Accordingly, one of the most explosive issues for the region is the problem of inter-ethnic conflicts; on this basis, in order to prevent these problems need to strengthen institutional mechanisms for conflict prevention.

The purpose of the Center is strengthening institutional mechanisms of peace-building, conflict analysis and potential development.

To achieve these objectives, the Centre is working on the following tasks:

  • The establishment of regular communication platforms to discuss the socio-economic problems in the region with the participation of leaders of various social groups, interests, researchers / analysts and politicians;
  • Developing training programs and modules on conflict and their implementation into the educational process;
  • Conducting trainings and seminars on conflict for faculty members and students; и
  • Conducting social research; - Preparation and publication of analytical reports on the analysis of the situation and conflict prevention;
  • Developing mechanisms and best practices for early warning / notification of conflicts;
  • Collaborating with similar centers and departments of other universities.

Head of center is a candidate of P. Sc., Abazbek uulu Rasul

Center Address: Osh city, Borubay uulu A str., 2 floor. Room #204 Mob .: +996555842844 e-mail: