Required documents

                                                            1. General information

     The main criteria for obtaining work permits for foreign citizens are: high qualification, knowledge of foreign languages, financial and intellectual contribution to the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as the lack of similar specialists in the local labor market from among the citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Two types of work permits are issued:

a) a permit to attract foreign labor – a document of the established sample that gives the right to legal entities and individuals to attract and use foreign labor in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic ("Employer Permit»)

b) work permit – a document of the established sample confirming the right of foreign citizens or stateless persons to carry
out labor or business activities in the Kyrgyz Republic ("Work permit").

                               2. Establishment of quotas for the attraction and use of foreign labor 

     The Government of the Kyrgyz Republic annually sets a quota for the attraction and use of foreign labor. The quota is set by profession groups and by regions of the Kyrgyz Republic, including the city of Bishkek.

                                           3. Who needs to get a work permit 
     Individuals and legal entities of the Kyrgyz Republic planning to attract foreign labor must obtain an Employer′s Permit before hiring foreign
citizens and stateless persons. Foreign citizens and stateless persons
(those who have reached the age of 18) who plan to work must apply
for an Employee Permit.

                  4. In what cases can a work permit be refused or revoked for a foreign citizen and a stateless person
The issue of a work permit to a foreign citizen and a stateless person may
be refused or the current work permit may be revoked in the following

  • availability of specialists from among the citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic in the domestic labor market;
  • identification of unreliability of the submitted information;
  • termination of employment or individual business activity in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • committing actions that contradict the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.

In case of violation by the employer of the procedure for attracting and using foreign labor, the State Migration Service of the Kyrgyz Republic issues a warning to the employer with an indication of the time limit for eliminating the identified violations. In case of non-compliance with these requirements or repeated violations, the permit to attract foreign labor is canceled or suspended until the violations are completely eliminated.

                             5. Who is exempt from the requirement to obtain a work permit

     The legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic provides for an exhaustive list of persons
who are not subject to the requirement to obtain permits. In particular, these

  • persons officially recognized as refugees or who have received political asylum in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • persons who have a permanent residence permit in the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • persons sent to carry out the installation (supervision) of technological equipment supplied by foreign legal entities;
  • students who are undergoing practical training in the framework of programs of Kyrgyz educational institutions, as well as working during the holidays;
  • persons working in diplomatic missions and consular offices, as well as international organizations accredited in the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • correspondents and journalists accredited in the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • persons for whom a different employment procedure is defined by interstate and intergovernmental agreements of the Kyrgyz Republic with foreign countries.

                                                    6. Terms of validity of permits 
     A work permit for a foreign specialist is issued for a period of one year, with the right to annual renewal.

                               7. Transfer of the current permit to another employer . An Employer permit cannot be transferred from one employer to another

       Foreign workers who have received a work permit cannot transfer the following documents:
Permission for an Employee to another employer. Foreign employees have the right to work in more than one organization only if they have additional permissions. Foreign individual entrepreneurs who have Employee permit, have the right to carry out business activities at the place specified in the submitted application. If a foreign individual entrepreneur wishes to carry out business activities in a place not specified in the application, he must obtain additional permits.

         Required documents . The list of necessary documents for obtaining a permit to attract and use foreign labor and a work permit for foreign citizens and stateless persons for the right to work in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic is approved by the head of the State Migration Service for 1 year. (The list for 2015-Appendix No. 1, for 2016 - under review and approval, will be provided later).

        According to the above list of required documents, the following documents are provided:
a medical certificate on blood testing for HIV infection of the international
standard from the Republican AIDS Center, a certificate of criminal record is not
provided. (paragraph 12 of the Regulation on the procedure for employment by Foreign citizens and Stateless Persons in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic", approved by the Decree of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic of 16.04.2019 No. 175):

Appendix No. 1 . Documents for obtaining a permit to attract and use foreign labor and work permits (personal cards) are accepted in electronic or paper form. Acceptance of documents in electronic form is carried out using the Internet to the e-mail of the Service. Each document sent by e-mail must be signed with an electronic digital signature by the applicant.

a) Documents for obtaining a permit to attract and use
foreign labor:

  1. Application for the recruitment and use of foreign labor in the for approved by the authorized body
  2.  A notarized copy of the certificate of state registration of a legal entity or individual;
  3.  In the case of carrying out the licensed activity), a copy of the license for carrying out the licensed activity;
  4. The approved staffing table, indicating the number of all employees, mpersonal data (last name, first name, patronymic, passport number), as well as information about available vacancies).

b) Documents for obtaining a work permit (personal cards):

  1. Application for a work permit in the form approved by the authorized body;
  2. Notarized translation of a copy of the passport of a foreign citizen with a valid visa (category W1) or registration;
  3. Notarized translation of the diploma of education for foreign citizens in the field of education, medicine, pharmacy;
  4. Medical report on the study for antibodies in HIV, by the Republican Center " AIDS»;
  5. Two color matte photos, with a corner, on a white background of 30x40 mm in size;
  6. A copy of the current patent, with a 3-month advance payment, certified by the tax service of the Kyrgyz Republic (for a foreign individual entrepreneur);
  7. Employment contract, indicating the amount of salary or remuneration (for a highly qualified foreign specialist).

When submitting more than 3 (three) personal data, an electronic version of the data is required in the form of a table with the name of the organization, the full name of the foreign specialist, date of birth, passport number, citizenship and position.

NOTE: If necessary, during the decision-making process, the interdepartmental licensing commission may request additional documents from the applicant.

For more information, go to the official website of the State Migration Service, Government of the Kyrgyz Republic.