General information

              Osh State University is one of the largest in Central Asia. It has more than 42,000 students. About 8000 of them are students from more than 20 other countries, such as Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan.

           To date, Osh State University has signed agreements on bilateral cooperation with more than 260 leading universities in more than 30 countries around the world:

           Turkey-96; Russian Federation-12; Kazakhstan-9; China-8; Uzbekistan-6; Ukraine-5; Japan-5; Azerbaijan-5; Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus-5; Palestine-4; USA-3; Germany-2; Great Britain – 2; India-2; Korea-2; Afghanistan-2; Mongolia-2; Georgia-1; Tajikistan-1; Macedonia-1; France-1; Romania-1; Poland-1; Portugal-1; Kyrgyz Republic-23; total: 265

We are working with them in the following areas::

1) academic mobility programs, business trips, exchange of experience, winter and summer schools, internships, etc. organizations;

2) jointly prepare and implement international projects;;

3) membership in international organizations, associations;

4) interaction within the framework of industry universities;

5) Work in the direction of a double degree, the creation of joint educational programs;

6) cooperation in the field of scientific research, publication of articles in partner journals, creation of joint dissertation councils, etc.;

7) conducting scientific and practical conferences, seminars, trainings, round tables, online, guest lectures, etc. organizational measures;

8) joint cultural, sports, etc. conducting events, olympiads, competitions;

9) cooperation in the direction of increasing the prestige of Osh State University in the world ranking of educational institutions, etc.