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Welcoming speech of the Director

               Director of the  International Relations Department of Osh State University

                       Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Docent  Abduvaliev Abdygany  Osmonovich

           Dear fellow students it is my pleasure to warmly welcome you in our university! Choosing a university and a future profession - is one of the most important and responsible moments in the life of every person! The quality of the education obtained depends on professional growth, career and opportunities for self-fulfillment. Osh State University is recognized leader of higher education in southern Kyrgyzstan. The history of Osh State University dates from 1939. By amount of students OshSU is the largest educational institution in the country providing Education for more than 30,000 students. 
          More than 1500 teachers work at the university including academicians and members of the National Academy of Sciences of KR, 60 Doctors of Sciences, 381 candidates of sciences and associate professors, 33 honored and 127 excellent Educators of the Kyrgyz Republic. The university has a powerful material and educational base, the most solid scientific and pedagogical potential among higher educational institutions of the region. There are two Research Institutes, 17 Faculties, 4 Colleges, 5 Administrative Departments, various international, educational and cultural centers equipped with modern computers and internet facilities in all OshSU campuses. 
         OshSU is a unique and universal university that prepares highly qualified specialists in pedagogical disciplines, humanities, natural sciences, engineering, medicine, jurisprudence, theology, music, fine arts, agriculture, social work and other specialties. In general, the university offers 78 specialties in various specialties, including bachelor′s, master′s, postgraduate and PhD doctorates. Currently, the university trains more than 30,000 students, undergraduates, graduate students and PhD doctoral students. Osh State University cooperates with many foreign and domestic universities, international partners on the basis of bilateral agreements, and also fruitfully conducts work on academic mobility with such programs as: Erasmus +, Mevlana, DAAD, Ushos, ITEC, Osh Declaration, etc.

         Today, more than 2500 foreign students from China, Pakistan, Turkey, Korea, India, Japan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Palestine and Malaysia and other countries are studying at Osh State University. Our university maintains close ties with 149 universities in 30 countries of the world, with their educational and scientific institutions and participates in the implementation of various international programs and projects. 
        International activity of OshSU is focused on integration into the global educational space. 19 campuses, nine student hostels, a hotel for foreign teachers of our university located in the south of Kyrgyzstan in the city of Osh, along the Ak-Bura River, a four-story medical clinic and a dental clinic, equipped with modern technology and having all the necessary conditions, take care of the health of students . An excellent combination of theory and practice; A large range of opportunities available for you;

Step into your success! 
We are waiting for you at the Osh State University!