Dual degree programs and joint educational programs

                                                 INTERNATIONAL DOUBLE DEGREE PROGRAMS

                  The current pace of production development and the increased pace of the introduction of innovative developments, as well as their diversity, clearly require the education system, first, a much higher rate of inclusion of new ideas and technologies in education, and secondly, the diversification (diversity) of the educational process. For this purpose, joint educational programs were created.

                Joint educational programs are a recognized tool for improving the competitiveness of universities and, as a result, national / regional education systems.

               Osh State University provides training on the system of double diplomas for bachelor′s and master′s degree programs. OshSUcooperates with international universities in the field of education, namely, double degree programs.

The training is conducted according to the credit technology system.

Form of study: full-time.

Foreign universities - partners of the IUKR for Dual Degrees:
  • Ural State Medical University
  • Xinjiang Pedagogical University
  • Belgorod State University, etc.
Key features and benefits of Dual degree programs:

  • implemented in cooperation with a specific partner university;
  • educational programs and curricula are synchronized and comparable;
  • comparable length of stay of students at universities participating in the dual degree program;
  • language of instruction – foreign language;
  • Upon completion of their studies, students are awarded degrees from each partner university.;
  • study periods and exam results at the partner university are recognized automatically and counted based on the agreements in force at the partner universities, general principles and quality assurance standards.
In addition to studying abroad and obtaining two or more diplomas, program participants receive a variety of positive experiences:

  • they are trained according to new modern methodologies and gain practical skills both within the framework of Kyrgyz and foreign experience;
  • they are attached to various systems for assessing the quality of education;
  • they attend lectures by experienced professors of OshSU and foreign universities;
  • they learn to present themselves in a foreign language and to be confident in a new environment;
  • they study in a cross-cultural environment; they
  • receive permanent language practice;
  • participate in student mobility programs.