General information

        Academic mobility is the ability of students (master degree) or teachers to stay in the course for a certain academic period (semester or academic year), to receive an education or conduct research, to be sent to other higher educational institutions (domestic or foreign). It can be of the following types: internal (within the country), external( international), short-term, long-term, etc. 

      Osh State University operates in more than 30 countries (Europe, Turkey, Russia, China, Korea, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc.), more than 260 educational institutions have signed bilateral and multilateral cooperation agreements. On their basis, the academic mobility of students, undergraduates and university teachers will be carried out. Every year, about 500 of the best students and about 300 teachers come to the partner exchange institutes to improve their knowledge and undergo an internship. Academic mobility has recently reached 1,500 participants.

      The same partner, within the framework of bilateral agreements and the Osh Declaration, organizes the educational process at Osh State University every semester, accepting about 200 students from educational institutions.The University is strengthening the introduction of an online, interdisciplinary form of academic mobility. Currently, Osh State University is effectively developing the academic exchange programs Erasmus +, Mevlana, SCO, DAAD, ITEC, Osh Declaration and Mobility, implemented on the basis of bilateral agreements.