Preparation for the implementation of the double degree programm

2021-05-06 17:32:04 148


Preparation for the implementation of the double degree program.

A video conference was held between the heads of the Ural State Medical University and Osh State University.

Vice-Rector for International Affairs and Long-term Development Mikhail A. Flyagin, Vice-Rector for Continuing Medical Education and Regional Development Alebay Usmanovich Sabitov, Head of the Department for International Education and Cooperation Daniil S. Chechikhin, Dean Vyacheslav V. Kuzmin, Deputy Dean for Foreign Students Oksana A. Dudorova, from Osh State University took part in the webinar. bases and medical work Kalmatov Roman Kalmatovich, director of the Department of International Relations Abduvaliev Abdygany Osmonovich, Director of the educational and Information Department Arapbaev Ruslan Nurmamatovich, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Ismailov Alimbek Adylbekovich, responsible for the joint educational program Abdyraeva Baktygul Rahmatillayevna, Executive Secretary of the admission Committee Muratbayev Baktybek Bakasovich, head of the Department of Academic Mobility Amiraliev Semetey Manasovich.

The following issues were discussed at the meeting:

1) admission of applicants in the upcoming academic year with the launch of joint educational programs in the areas of” Medical care“,” Dentistry “and” Pediatrics".

2) procedures for admission to the residency program.

3) organization of advanced training courses for teachers and doctors.

Despite the fact that last academic year contracts were signed, programs were developed and approved, the pandemic set its own conditions, and the admission of applicants did not take place. In the current academic year, it is planned to intensify the work on the recruitment of at least one group in these specialties. For this purpose, a representative of the admission committee of Osh State University took part in the career guidance fees held by Osh State University, who gave detailed information about school graduates. It was noted that the acceptance of documents for the above-mentioned programs will be carried out until July 12. Recall that students entering the specialty with a double diploma study at Osh State University for 3 years, and then continue their studies at USMU, as a result of which they receive diplomas from both educational institutions.

This educational institution is ready to accept applicants for residency in 70 specialties and postgraduate studies in 40 specialties and organize distance training courses for Osh State University employees lasting from 36 to 144 hours. The USMU side also expressed interest in the development of the Osh State University branch of education. Instructions were given to the relevant employees on the organization of advanced training courses.

Recall that USMU and Osh State University signed joint educational programs on July 15 last year.