2021-12-07 12:41:15 50

    Elena Zhirukhina, a senior lecturer at the OSCE Bishkek Academy, visited Osh State University on a working trip and met with the Director of the Department of International Relations A.O.Abduvaliev. During the meeting, Abdygany Osmonovich expressed the universitys readiness to cooperate with the OSCE Academy and concluded a bilateral cooperation agreement based on academic mobility, organization of online lectures by famous scientists and talented specialists, joint submission of applications for European projects, joint research and other areas. He also gave brief information about the universitys recent successes, international relations, exchange programs, and opportunities created for students.

    Ms. Elena also spoke about the educational institution where she works, about her activities, educational programs and thanked the management for the warm welcome and permission to provide information to students.

    After the official meeting, a reception was held in the Great Hall with students of the Faculty of International Relations, Business and Management, Law, World Languages and Culture in the Masters program of the Academy in the specialties "Politics and security", "Economic Management and Development", on the draft law of the Kyrgyz Republic "On Local Self-government". The meeting was accompanied by questions and answers.