Scientists from the USA to Osh State University

2021-12-24 13:01:46 38

    Professor Carlos Rafin, a Fulbright scholar at Suffolk University in Boston, USA, arrived at OshSU to give a guest lecture. He was received by the Director of the Department of International Relations A.O. Abduvaliev. During the meeting, Abdygany Osmonovich said that OshSU works with leading educational institutions such as Cadiz, Marburg, Milan, Salzburg, West Czech, Jumhuriyet, South Ural, etc., on the basis of Erasmus+, Mevlana, SCO programs and bilateral agreements, and also stated that a memorandum of understanding with the University of Missouri USA will be signed in the near future. He also added that he is sure that in the near future the University of Suffolk will become one of the partners of OshSU.

    In his speech, Mr. Rafin thanked for the reception and permission for students to give guest lectures and promised that through the US Embassy, the Fulbright program will help attract OshSU teachers and attract volunteers to OshSU.

   The head of the Academic Mobility Department S. Amiraliev introduced the American colleague to the university museum, told about its history, faculties, directions, external relations, etc.,

    During the visit, the professor will give a lecture to students about the education system in the USA and share his experience in Kyrgyzstan.