The admission of students to Turkey for academic mobility has begun

2021-12-28 19:49:46 28

Jumhuriyet University has started accepting students offline for the spring semester. This educational institution has the following directions:

Physics, Theology, Tourism Management, Computer Engineering, Translation, English Philology, German Philology, English Teacher, Journalism, Economics, Management, Accounting, Psychology, History, Social Services, Veterinary Medicine, Coaching, Physical Education Teacher, Literature, Folk Literature, Finance, etc.
More detailed information:

Admission is carried out until January 20, 2022.
The number of seats provided is 100.
Students of the 2nd-3rd year and students of the 1st year of the Masters degree can take part.
Those who wish to participate must be fluent in Turkish at the B2 level.
The study is free. The dormitory starts at 500 lire per month for girls and 700 lire for boys.
The rest of the expenses are out of the students own pockets.
Our address: former Kyrgyz-European Faculty, room 203. Landmark: the main building. Contact phone numbers: 03222 7-09-97, 0709440530 (Ainura Dosuyevna Kulnazarova) email address:

Those who wish to participate in academic mobility can enroll in the list of deputy deans of faculties for international relations.
Please spread the information!