The management of the University "Manas" got acquainted with Osh State University

2022-09-20 13:45:00 82

    Rector of the Kyrgyz-Turkish University "Manas" Alpaslan Zheylan and First Vice-rector Kulmyrzaev A.A. visited Osh State University on a working visit. They were received by the rector K.G. Kozhobekov. In his speech, Professor Alpaslan Zheylan said that he was coming to Osh State University for the first time, that he was convinced that it was a large, developed and proud educational institution, and noted that there were opportunities to work on several projects to deepen cooperation. with regional educational institutions. He also recalled that this year the school headed by him took the 801st place in the QS rating.

    Аnd in his speech, Kudaiberdi Gaparalievich congratulated his colleague on the success in the ranking, noting that Osh State University and Manas University have been working fruitfully for many years, cooperation especially in the field of academic mobility, membership in international consortia, associations, implementation of joint research projects, etc. B. is actively advancing in this area. The OshSU delegation noted that last year it paid a working visit to this educational institution, recently an international conference “ancient Uzgen and the heritage of Imam Serakhsi” was organized in OshSU with the participation of Turkish guests and the leadership of the Tursoy organization.

    At the meeting, the parties discussed long-term plans for bilateral cooperation relations. After the two-way communication, the guests were able to get acquainted with the structural divisions, polyclinics and laboratories of Osh State University.

    Currently, 8 students of Osh State University are studying for academic mobility at the Kyrgyz-Turkish University “Manas”.