An international videoconference of Universities took place within the framework of the "Erasmus+"

2022-12-17 15:33:44 45

    An international videoconference of Universities took place within the framework of the "Erasmus+" Capacity Building in Higher education. Director of the Department of International Relations A.O. Abduvaliev, T.A. Umurbekova, Ph.D., Lecturer of the Department of Psychology of the IPC, G.B. Tumonbaeva-Head of the social Work of the IPC (college), N.A. Toktorbaeva-Head of the Department of Social Work (Bachelor) took part in the video meeting. Also from partner universities, Petter Holm is the president of the Foundation for Social Therapy, Norway, a member of the International Association of Social Therapists. Vera Igorevna Simakova - General Director of the NGO "Good Deed" for adults with disabilities and teachers of KSU named after.Arabaeva took part.

    During the meeting, the parties discussed a proposal for submitting applications for an upcoming project within the framework of the Erasmus Plus program on the topic "Training specialists in inclusive education".

    They also discussed strengthening the role of higher education in the development of a quality environment for living, learning and working for people with intellectual disabilities in Kyrgyzstan. Also promoting reforms in higher education institutions so that they become catalysts for social development in countries, introducing tools and methods for professionalization and development of academic staff to use their knowledge and resources in the service of their communities and countries. The parties proposed to develop courses, trainings, to be a platform for meetings, organization of seminars.

    At the end of the meeting, it was decided that they would also include partners from Germany, Kazakhstan and Russia, where further tasks would be discussed in the following video meetings.