Educational institutions of St. Petersburg are interested in cooperation with Osh State University

2023-09-14 13:37:33 14

The delegation of the Baltic State Technical University "Voenmeh " named after D.F. Ustinov, headed by Rector Konstantin Ivanov, arrived on a working visit to Osh State University. The Russian guests were received by Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Nurlan Omurov, Vice-Rector for External Relations Kursantbek Attokurov.

During the meeting, the parties discussed the allocation of quotas for training specialists with a double diploma in the Bachelors degree in Business Informatics and Masters degree in Artificial Intelligence technologies in Applied Linguistics, providing additional professional education in the amount of 72 hours to teachers of the Russian language of foreigners, strengthening academic mobility between students and teachers.

Nurlan Kubatovich noted that a lot of work has already been done between the two educational institutions, if earlier there were any restrictions, barriers to the implementation of any new idea in the educational institution, after receiving a special status, freedom was granted in the academic, financial, managerial spheres, the leadership is ready to support new initiatives for a double diploma, the main thing is, so that the cooperation is dynamic. He also added that the university is also interested in the implementation of scientific projects of applied importance.

Vice-Rector Kursantbek Sharabiddinovich stressed that the Baltic State Technical University provided a curriculum from which students chose 2 subjects that Russian professors teach online for one semester. He recalled that students who have completed a bachelors degree have the opportunity to apply for a double masters degree program.

And Rector Konstantin Mikhailovich briefly spoke about the educational institution he heads, noting that the main thing is to achieve the effectiveness of the implementation of dual degree programs and academic mobility with Osh State University. Oleg Kireev, Director of the Russian Project Management Center for Educational Consortia in Kyrgyzstan, noted that the main purpose of the visit is to familiarize the rector with Osh State University, noting that the joint educational program in Business Informatics will include cultural internships, advanced training courses, training in the city of St. Petersburg, obtaining a double diploma.

After the meeting, a small tour of the Ak-Buura campus was organized for the delegation headed by the Rector. They got acquainted with the Osh State University data center, a modern clinic, laboratories, and a simulation center.