American students at Osh State University

2023-09-15 20:30:41 20

    Emma Sliback, a 4th-year undergraduate student at Wellesley College in Massachusetts in computer science and Russian, and Isaac Steinmeier, a third-year undergraduate student at Wooster College in Ohio in international economics, arrived at OshSU. They were met by the Vice-rector for External Relations, associate Professor K.Sh. Attokurov. At the meeting, Kursantbek Sharabidinovich told the guests about the educational institution, its digitized educational process, infrastructure, teaching staff, success in the international rating and independent accreditation, external relations and special status.

    Mr. Isaac Steinmeier thanked the Vice-rector and the teaching staff for the warm welcome and said that he would contribute to the establishment of cooperation in various areas, becoming a bridge between the college where he studies and OshSU. He also said that 20% of international students study at Worcester College, most from India, South America, Central Asian countries (1 student from Kyrgyzstan, 2 students from Kazakhstan, 3 students from Uzbekistan) and some European countries.

    As part of the project of the American Embassy in Kyrgyzstan, students of Osh State University, who arrived to familiarize themselves with the life of local students, the conditions created for them, will tell students of the Faculty of World Languages and Culture about their studies, lifestyle, interests tomor