Association of Asian Universities


                                      ASSOCIATION OF ASIAN UNIVERSITIES

     The Association of Asian Universities was established on May 22, 2012 at the Altai State University at a meeting of representatives of 29 educational institutions from 8 countries. The purpose of the memorandum on the unification of universities is to create a single educational space in the Asian region, a powerful impetus for integration processes in the field of higher education, and to expand academic mobility and cultural ties. During the year, a large amount of work was carried out by the member universities, and the main provisions of the Charter on the formation of the Association were agreed upon. The creation of the organization was an important step in opening up new horizons for international industry cooperation, education, science and culture.

      Currently, the Association has 15 members from Kyrgyzstan, 22 from Russia, 33 from Kazakhstan, 12 from Tajikistan, 4 from Uzbekistan, 4 from China, etc. In total, about 100 educational institutions from different countries become members. Osh State University was admitted to the organization in 2019. The management of the association changes annually. Currently, the president of the Association is the rector of the Kyrgyz National University named after Zhusup Balasagyn Sadykov Kanat Zhalilovich.

     Within the framework of the organization, youth forums” Asian Student Forum Kyrgyzstan-Asia“,” Asian Student Forum Tajikistan-Asia", international summer schools, congresses, field meetings are held. In October 2019, the 3-day forum at the Tajik National University was attended by a delegation of 11 people, consisting of leading students, undergraduates and teachers of Osh State University. On September 25, 2020, at an online conference at the Altai State University, Director Abdygany Osmonovich spoke, who presented the educational institution to his colleagues. It was attended by 129 delegates from 76 educational institutions from 8 countries.

The Association of Asian Universities has its own website. For more information, please follow this link